31 October 2011

How to use dislike button in facebook

Add Facebook Dislike Button
If we want to like any post or any activity of facebook we can, but if we want to hate this posts or others activity we can't it. Officially facebook does not declared any dislike button, but we use dislike button from now. Just follow this simple steps. (you can use it only Firefox browser)

At first click this link and install in your firefox (only 15kb)
Add Link
And then restart you browser.  That's OK now enjoy dislike button like above picture.

Download windows 7 thems for mobile

 This is very interesting theme for your mobile. Download and show really or not.
Download Link

Download nokia theme creator and creat unlimited themes

Design you mobile theme by your mind, download and try to make a interesting themes.


Download KesperSky anti-virus and and and save you mobile from virus for any mobile

You may know kespersky anti virus is one of the best favourite anti virus. But its most product is not freeware, after a searchin I've find a free anti virus for java mobile supported. So don't miss to download.

Download kespersky antivirus for your mobile from

30 October 2011

Automatically adjust your desktop brightness time by time

Automatic adjust desktop brightness by fluxToday I'll tell about a simple software for you, which is possible to change desktop brightness time by time. If you work most time in your computer it may harmful for your eye. The application is very helpful to your eye. You need just install in your computer, no need more work with this application.
OK, now  Download from here

27 October 2011

Download adobe reader for java mobile

adobe pdf reader
Now you can read .pdf file in your java mobile. Just download this application and run in your mobile.
1. Mobile9 Link
2. Mediafire Link
If you not possible to download please make a comment, I'll sent this to your email.

How to open .rar/.zip file? Download winrar.

winrar win zip
Download this software and install in your pc. Now you can open any .Zip and any .Rar file easily.
Download Link

This Copy windows is not genuine? Now active your windows as genuine (windows 7)

Download windows media player for your java mobile

Download windows media player 11 for your mobile and enjoy with great entertainment. http://www.mediafire.com/?dkew36vaa4v470j

Download Bangla Calender for your mobile java supported

Bangla Calender for java mobileSometimes we need to Bangla date in calender, It's boring for me personally and many of my friends. But if you can find Bangla Calender in your mobile you can easily show Bangla date. So download now, all java mobile supported.

Download Link

26 October 2011

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 To create a network connection by nokia phone without nokia pc suite just follow below steps:
1. Click "Start"
2. Click "Control Panel"
3. Double Click "Network Connection"
How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?

4. Click "Creat a new connection" in Network Tasks in left side.

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 5. Click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?

6. Select "Connect to the Internet" and Click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 7. Select "Set up my connection manually" and click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 8. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem" and click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 9. Select your modem here and click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 10.ISP name, keep it blanks and click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 11. Type Phone Number *99# and click "Next"

 12. Keep user name and password blanks and click "Next"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
 13. Select "Add a shortcute to this connection to my desktop" and click "Finish"

How to browse internet by Nokia mobile without Nokia PC Suite?
14. Now click "Dial" to connect internet.
15. Now you can successfully connect internet without PC Suite

Download skype for java mobile supported version

Download skype for java mobile
Skype is most useful internet based communicating software all the world. We can use it our pc and also our mobile. But all mobile does not support skype. So today I'll give a skype version which is supported for all mobile. But you can only text chat with this application, this version not support video or audio chat. Something is better than nothings. So now download and start unlimited chat with your friends and family.
Link 1: Mobile9
Link 2: Medifire

How to write Bengali/Bangla by any mobile in facebook? (part-3)

I've already posted about how to write bangla by mobile 1st & 2nd part. Today I'll post 3rd part. All the post are different from one others. Now I will tell how to write Bangla in facebook only.

Follow this steps:
1. Go to the The link
2. Allow this application at first time like down picture (It's may not same as mobile)
Follow this image below.
3. Write Banglish in first box like me.
4. Press "convert Banglish to Bangla"
5. Now you see like the converted fonts like "0000"
6. Then click "Post FB Status To Your Wall"
Its OK your status will published.

(You can also copy-past the converted text anywhere if support your mobile)

How to write Bangla/Bengali in facebook or any webpage?

To write bangla from your computer in any website, at first download this software from here.

Then install it and run in your computer.

Press F12 to change Bangla/English mood.

Now you can write Bengali and English easily.
If you need to change keyboard layout press drop down arrow in avro keyboard like down picture and change layout on your own demand.

Now OK. If any problem please comment here.

How to disable "press f1 to continue" when start up your computer?

When you start your computer if you show the message "press f1 to continue" you can now easily disable this message. Actually the message show because of checking your computer hardware.
Lets go how to fix the problem:

1. Go to your BIOS setting. Its may F2, F12, DEL or others depended on your motherboard.

2. Now follow the images, its may few change many others bios.
3. Just now save your setting and restart.

If you face to any problem to understand this steps please comment me.

25 October 2011

Desktop Breaker very interesting game for your PC (only 683KB)

Hi friends, I hope all is well.
Now download a very interesting game for your computer.
Just download the game from here
Desktop breaker for pcExtracts it and run.

Click Left button on mouse to break your desktop and Right click to change gun.

To Quite the game press ESC on keyboard.

Clean your computer by Clean Center very easy and faster

There is many software to clean compute. Today I'll give you a link to download a new pc cleaner. This is a very fantastic application and clean your computer more faster than others. Full version Download from here

24 October 2011

Download AppLocker and protect your all gallery content & all important by password

Application LockerHello friends whats up? Please make a comment if the post you're really like.

Now you can easily protect your all important by password from spammer in nokia S60v3 phones.

Now  follow this steps to protect your data by password:

1. Download the application from here.
2. Install the application
3. Run the application

Application Locker
a) set a password
b) confirm the same password
c) select any question
d) answer the selected question

Application Locker
4. Select applications which you want to lock (like picture)
5. Now exit the application
6. Restart your mobile

7. That's OK. Now try to open you password selected content, you must enter your given password. (follow image)
OK and done. Enjoy
If face any problem ask to www.facebook.com/groups/bdhelpcenter

22 October 2011

Download mobile anti theft for nokia s60v3

mobile anti theft for nokia s60v3
 There is no way to detect your mobile thief. But you can detect few information about mobile thief by remote control.
 If your mobile is theft:
* you can detect theft mobile number
* you can wipe (remove) your personal data
* you can lock your mobile
* you can find your mobile location (if available)

How to possible this steps?
1. Download the application. Download link 
2. Install it in your mobile
3. Run the application
4. Go to setting of this application
mobile anti theft for nokia s60v3
5. "Lock Code" -Set a lock code  for this application
6. "Remote Lock" - To lock your phone by sms set a password here.
7. "Lock  when SIM change" - if you change a sim you must log in by unlock code.
8. "SMS alert number" - If  any other person change your Sim you will be notifyed by sms which number you have set here.
9. "Wipe Code" - If you want to remove your mobile data by sms you must set a wipe code.
For more details please read the application help or make a comment here.

OK. Now enjoy.

Download Bangla-English & English-Bangla dictionary for your PC

 Download Bengali to English and English to Bengali dictionary for your pc. Besides dictionary you can read Bangla translate of full Quran. Also you can search in Quran. So don't late download now.

Download link

20 October 2011

If You Forget Your " Windows XP Log in Password" ....How to reset/remove login password.....

* Boot the computer Safe Mode (When starting push F8  five sec)

* Select the Safe moode option.(Now xp load in safe mode)

* select yes button

* Use the default Administrator account. (Now come your xp safe mood desktop)

* Go to the control pannel >User accaunt> Select your accaunt.

* You can see left....Change password....Remove password  or create new accaunt.

* After finish, you can Restart your computer...

19 October 2011

How To reset the administrator password using the Windows Mac OS X disc:

To reset the administrator password using the Mac OS X disc:

If you don’t remember your administrator password, you can reset the administrator password using the Mac OS X Install disc. Follow this instructions.......

*Insert the Mac OS X Install disc and restart the computer.
*When you hear the startup tone, press and hold down the C key until you see the spinning gear.
*When the Language Chooser appears, select your language and click Continue.
*Choose Utilities > Reset Password.
*Follow the onscreen instructions to change the password.
*Quit the Installer and restart your computer while holding down the mouse button to eject the disc.
*You can change your login keychain password in Keychain Access to match your new account password to unlock your keychain when you log in. 

Important: Any user with the Mac OS X Install disc can gain unrestricted access to your computer, you should keep the disc in a safe place.

Download Missed Caller software for and fun with your friends fro nokia S60v3

Download this software and install it in your phone.

Then type your friends mobile number and type count of missed missed call number and then click Start dialing. OK now enjoy with fun. Ha... ha... ha

Automatically record all incoming or outgoing calls without beep sound.

Automatically record all incoming or outgoing calls
There are many voice call recording software. But most of these are not freeware and not record without beep sound. But I'll tell about a freeware and most useful Nokia S60v3 software. This software can automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. Also you can record memo recording with shortcut key.
Feature of this application:
1. Freeware Application
2. Automatically Record
3. Record .amr & .wav formate
4. Shortcut key
5. No beep sound
6. Memo recording
7. No need to run the application manually
Download from mediafire

How To Set Password In Microsoft Word Document?

How To Set Password In Microsoft Word Document
To protect our document from spammer we need to set password in ms word document. Now I'll tell the easiest way to set a password in MS Word Document.

1. Open MS word document.
2. Click "Tools> Options" (picture2)
How To Set Password In Microsoft Word Document

3. Click "Security" tab.
How To Set Password In Microsoft Word Document

4. Type a password in "Password to open"

5. To confirm password type your same password again in "Password Modify"

6. Now Click "OK"
How To Set Password In Microsoft Word Document
This is OK. Restart your document to checking password. You'll appear like  above picture.

Recharge base packages stopped by Robi

Robi Package Details screen shoots Robi is one of the largest and oldest mobile operator in Bangladesh. Robi is always different form o...