How To Repair Power Supply Unit?

Load shedding and electricity voltage problem is one of the main problem  many countries. So many times our pc power supply destroyed.  If your Power Supply is damaged don't send to Dustbin. Try to repair by following instructions.

Power Supply Wiring diagrams

AT power connector (Used on older AT style main boards)
Color Pin Signal

P8.1 Power Good

P8.2 +5 V

P8.3 +12 V

P8.4 −12 V

P8.5 Ground

P8.6 Ground

P9.1 Ground

P9.2 Ground

P9.3 −5 V

P9.4 +5 V

P9.5 +5 V

P9.6 +5 V
24-pin ATX12V 2.x power supply connector (20-pin omits the last four: 11, 12, 23 and 24)
Color Signal Pin Pin Signal Color
Orange +3.3 V 1 13 +3.3 V Orange
+3.3 V sense Brown
Orange +3.3 V 2 14 −12 V Blue
Black Ground 3 15 Ground Black
Red +5 V 4 16 Power on Green
Black Ground 5 17 Ground Black
Red +5 V 6 18 Ground Black
Black Ground 7 19 Ground Black
Grey Power good 8 20 Reserved N/C
Purple +5 V standby 9 21 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 10 22 +5 V Red
Yellow +12 V 11 23 +5 V Red
Orange +3.3 V 12 24 Ground Black
  • Pins 8, and 16 (shaded) are control signals, not power:
    • Power on is pulled up to +5 V by the PSU, and must be driven low to turn on the PSU.
    • Power good is low when other outputs have not yet reached, or are about to leave, correct voltages.
  • Pin 13 supplies +3.3 V power and also has a second thinner wire for remote sensing.[8]
  • Pin 20 (formerly −5 V, white wire) is absent in current power supplies; it was optional in ATX and ATX12V ver. 1.2, and deleted as of ver. 1.3.
  • The right-hand pins are numbered 11–20 in the 20-pin version.
How To  Repair Power Supply Unit

How To  Repair Power Supply Unit

How To  Repair Power Supply Unit

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