Send Free SMS From Your Mobile Using Own Number To Worldwide

Hello friends,
In this post I'll tell you about how to send free sms from your own number to your friends, family or anyone worldwide. Now follow this steps to send free sms:
1. Download the application from this  address.
2. Install it in your mobile
3. Open the application
4. Click "Binu Message"
5. Click "Sign in or create a new account to send free sms and email"
6. Click "New Account"

7. Click "Creat User Name"
8. Enter a new your user name
9. Click "Add Your Phone Number"
10. Click "Test Your Phone"
11. Click "Send SMS to your number" like  +8801XXXXXXXXX
12. Then a message will send to your phone.
13. Click "Enter Test Pin"
14. Now enter the code which was send to your mobile.
15. This is OK your phone will now confirmed
16. Now go home and Click "Send Message"
17. Click "SMS (credits)"
18. Now enter mobile number where you want to send and type your message.
19. Then press OK and your message will send immediately.
OK, Thanks.

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