16 November 2011

How to add a very nice Digital Flash Clock in your Blog (Home Clock )

Digital Flash Clock for blogger
Digital Flash Clock
Hi all visitors, Whats up? I hope well.
Today I'll tell how to add a very nice Digital Clock in your blog.
To add a clock your blog follow the steps:
1. Copy the below codes

<embed src=http://flash-clocks.com/free-flash-clocks-blog-topics/free-flash-clock-150.swf width=200 height=200 wmode=transparent type=application/x-shockwave-flash></embed>

2. Sign in your Blogger account
3. Click Design
4. Click Page Elements
5. Click Add Gadget (where you want to add clock)
6. Add HTML/Java Script
7. Paste the above code (no-1)
8. Then Save

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