How to create Itemized Bill or Call History by Robi user

Now you can create your Robi itemized bill or prepaid bill from your computer.
To create your bill at first register to Here .
 1. Accept Agreement and Click Next.
 2. Give your number without 880 at 1st box and give your name 2nd box.
Then click submit.
 3. Confirmation message will sent to you, now check your inbox .
 4. Click Home.
 5. Type your mobile number and enter your password which was sent to your mobile and click Sign In .
 6. Click Generate Itemized if you want create your bill immediately, Click Change Password if you want to change your password and click Sign Out if you want to Log Out.
 7. I've clicked "Generate Itemized". Select date to create your itemized bill and click Submit.
8. Click Confirm to create your bill finally. 50TK will deducted from your account.

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