Madhabkunda Waterfall: Tourist Attraction Place

Madhabkunda Waterfall (মাধবকুন্ড জলপ্রবাত)
Madhabkunda Waterfall (মাধবকুন্ড জলপ্রবাত) one of the largest and popular tourist attraction place in Bangladesh. The height of this waterfall is 200 feet.
Without Waterfall you'll find many of Tea Gardner with little hills near zigzag roads. 

The situation of this place in:
Maps of Madhabkunda waterfall (জলপ্রবাতের অবস্থান)
Country: Bangladesh,
District: Moulovibazar,
Division: Sylhet,
Police Station: Barlekha.
People capturing photos in madhabkunda tea garden
People capturing photos in madhabkunda tea garden

 You can visit the place from anywhere in Bangladesh by bus or private car.

From Dhaka you can go by 2 ways.
1st way: Dhaka-> Moulovibazar-> Kulaura-> Barlekha-> Madhabkunda Waterfall Road

 2nd way: Dhaka-> Sylhet-> Beanibazar-> Barlekha -> Madhabkunda Waterfall Road

Flowing water in Madhabkunda
Tourist in mahdabkunda waterfall

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