Recharge base packages stopped by Robi

Robi Packag details
Robi Package Details screen shoots
Robi is one of the largest and oldest mobile operator in Bangladesh. Robi is always different form other operator due to their different creativity and different packages. "Recharge base tariff" (Easyload) is one of the creativity of Robi. They providing the service from  last few years. By their management decision from today, all off the recharge base tariff is topped. For propaganda Robi send a notification SMS to all of their retailer.

Now customer need to dial *140*24# if need to migrate any packages.

For your reference, all of the package was:
Rechage 22 tk - Dhamal Samal 22
Recharge 26 tk - Tarunno 26
Recharge 27 tk - Ononna 27
Recharge 31 tk - Muhurto 31
Recharge 32 tk - HootHut 32
Recharge 34 tk - Robi Club 34
Recharge 36 tk - Goti 36
Recharge 37 tk - Nobanno 37
Recharge 38 tk - Shasroyee 38
Recharge 39 tk - Shorol 39
All of this.

By the notification any of Robi user can't change his/her package by the recharge of mentioned amount.
 All "Bangladeshi mobile operator"s news from the link MTOB Website .

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